Bolsavita Handbag Collection

The name comes from joining two words: bolsa (purse, Spanish) + vita (life, Latin).

Inspiration comes from the object itself. Bolsa refers to the material thing itself; whereas, vita refers to the metaphysical qualities of handbags.

Handbags are practical items that men and women have carried for centuries, which in the 1800s were known as “Indispensables” because they contained all the necessary things a person might need when travelling from one place to another.  More than a fashion accessory, a handbag is a shadow of the self, a thing we hold next to our body, which in turn, holds proof of our existence.

The interior space of a handbag is private and hides its treasures from view. The exterior, however, reveals much about the owner’s personality and taste: Does she travel light or take everything with her when she goes?  Is she conservative or edgy, formal or casual? What does Bolsavita say about you?