Trunk Shows

Armenta Jewelry will be appearing at a series of trunks shows at selected retailers over the next few months. Please come along and enjoy some of the latest signature styles added to this season's collections.

Emily Armenta will also be making a special personal appearance at different venues across the country. 

Trunk Show Schedule for Public Appearances by Designer, Emily Armenta

02-Mar SHETLER WADE, San Antonio, Texas
08-Mar Neiman Marcus - Northpark Dallas, Dallas, Texas
08-Mar Neiman Marcus - Northbrook Chicago, Northbrook, Illinois
09-Mar ETC - Aspen, Colorado
10-Mar Neiman Marcus - Tysons, McLean, Virginia
15-Mar THE JEWELRY BAR, Palm Desert, California
21-Mar ETC - Birmingham, Alabama
22- Mar ETC - Birmingham, Alabana
24-Mar LANAE - Vail, Colorado
25-Mar LANAE - Vail, Colorado
30-Mar LEWIS JEWELERS - CLEAR LAKE, Webster, Texas*
31-Mar LEWIS JEWELERS UPTOWN, Houston, Texas
06-Apr CLARKES, Shreveport, Louisiana
12-Apr Neiman Marcus - San Diego, San Diego, California
13-Apr AUGUSTINA'S, Carmel, California
13-Apr Neiman Marcus - Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
13-Apr Neiman Marcus - Downtown Dallas, Dallas, Texas
14-Apr AUGUSTINA'S, Carmel, California
14-Apr Neiman Marcus - Palo Alto, Palo Alto, California
14-Apr Neiman Marcus - Willowbend, Plano, Texas
20-Apr OC TANNER, Salt Lake City, Utah
21-Apr DREST, Lubbock, Texas
26-Apr CATHY EASTHAM, Midland, Texas*
27-Apr Neiman Marcus - Scottsdale, Scottsdale, Arizona*

28-Apr Neiman Marcus - Tysons, McLean, Virginia
29-Apr Neiman Marcus - Washington, Washington, DC
29-Apr Naiman Marcus - Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois*
04-May Neiman Marcus - Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Texas
04-May Neiman Marcus - Short Hills, Short Hills, New Jersey
05-May SUSAN SAFFRON, Dallas, Texas*
05-May Neiman Marcus - Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia
06-May Davidson & Licht PA
06-May Neiman Marcus - Houston, Houston, Texas
06-May Neiman Marcus - Austin, Austin, Texas
08-May Loring & Company - Huntsville, Alabama*
09-May Loring & Company - Huntsville, Alabama*

11-May LOUIS ANTHONY, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
11-May Neiman Marcus - Fashion Island, Newport Beach, California
12-May ROBERSONS, Little Rock Arkansas
13-May HYDE PARK DENVER, Denver, Colorado
07-Jun Neiman Marcus - Northpark Dallas Dallas, Texas
28-Jun BELLE COSE - Jackson Hole, Wyoming
29-Jun BELLE COSE - Jackson Hole, Wyoming

* Public Appearance Emily Armenta