Iconic Armenta Elements

Armenta’s iconic elements woven throughout the collection are the crivelli, circle, shield and scroll.

Crivelli: The crivelli is a symbol of artistry and craftsmanship. Carlos Crivelli, an Italian painter, used incredible attention to detail and realized a quality and beauty surrounding things that are not perfect. 

Scroll: The scroll represents the quest and desire to education and empower through shared stories. 

Shield: The shield is the art of heraldry, the stories etched on armor used for protection.

Circle: The circle in the Armenta collection stands for grounded-ness, whole and completeness, especially in the fast paced world we live in today.

Artifact Collection

The artifact collection is a way for us to remember history, where we have come from and how we have evolved on this earth. The artifacts discovered around Europe are 5,000 years old or older.  Wearing an artifact is like wearing a beautiful undiscovered treasure. The pieces are symbols of our ancestors before us, and a way to tie everyone back to the same roots.

Constellation Collection

The constellation collection represents a guiding star for future generations, in a world that is unknown. Ancient cultures could see pictures in stars of the night sky. The collection has a sleek intergalactic look for the evolving modern generation.