Old World Collection

My vision as a designer has always pointed toward an Iberian scenery made familiar to me through the voices of poets. Chief among them are Federico García Lorca and Antonio Machado. From Lorca, I dreamed of a jewelry animated by duende. And from Machado, I awakened to a vision of jewelry as a galería, a passageway, which connects the past to the present. My primary collections pay tribute to these men whose poetry is like a looking glass into the themes and images that inspire my designs and artistic obsessions.

Intense and dazzling, and at times whimsical, the verses of Lorca burst forth not from the throat “but from the inside, from the soles of the feet.”  That dark, mysterious force, which Lorca declares cannot be explained but only felt, is what he calls duende. Through natural and imaginative forms—the moon, the twilight, the Andalusian countryside, and the canto jondo of flamenco—Lorca communicates the vitality of duende and draws us near our deepest and most inexplicable desires.

Our Old World Collection unleashes the nocturnal power of duende.

Live in the spirit of the night.  Live in Armenta.