The Armenta Social Mission


“At Armenta, we are committed to empowering individuals and providing  opportunities to people, while building a global network that can create change on a larger scale, environmentally and socially. I not only choose the materials for our  pieces based on my inspiration and the want to bring Duende, the struggle between dark and light, to life, but I choose based on our commitment to empower, educate, and be socially responsible. When you wear Armenta, you are not just wearing a beautiful piece of  jewelry but making a positive local and global impact.”  Emily Armenta.


Armenta Partners with Socially Responsible Vendors

We support and work with artisanal mines around the world. Through this effort Armenta is able to support some of the poorest communities around the world by providing environmentally clean and sustainable work. In addition, a large percentage of the gold that Armenta uses comes from recycled gold to further protect the ecosystem and the indigenous peoples’ lands.   

Our partners are vested in the development of the surrounding communities.  Some of the vendors have opened  children’s schools and health clinics, created classes for women to learn new skill sets such as sewing, and developed parks for their communities. At Armenta, we believe we have a responsibility to actively engage in promoting responsible jewelry making practices from mining all the way to finished product.